MOB {Marco’s Onion Burger} Grill, is an AWARD Winning, One of a kind Food Truck & Restaurant w/Serious Attitude | 2015-2021 So6ix Magazine’s #OkieHonorAwards #1FoodTruck & #1Burger | 2015-2021 Daily Oklahoman Reader’s Choice Top 5 Food Truck and 2017-BEST Fries.

The MOB Grill was “Commissioned to Satisfy” and created through the many years (since 2004) of Marco and his friends breaking bread {the main course being Marco’s Secret Onion Burger Recipe} together in various venues (from tailgates, parties, camp-outs, charity events, etc). Coming from a long line of family in the food business, it was almost inevitable that Marco Morrow would dive into the food world himself. When he did, it was with a food truck: MOB Grill! His beloved burgers had been a favorite of friends and family for over 10 years before MOB Grill was formed.

MOB, standing for Marco’s Onion Burgers, has been serving up burgers 2014 and have cooked over 200,000 of them and counting! We have a feeling that number will continue to rise once you’ve tried one for yourself. There’s something about the combination of Secret MOB Grill Marinade Recipe of caramelized onions on a juicy cheeseburger that makes you feel comforted. So simple, yet so delicious. Add a side of their Award Winning crispy twice-fried French fries and you’re guaranteed a great day. MOB Grill has won numerous awards every year since it’s inception: #1 Hamburgers, #1 FRIES & #1 Food Truck are ones they receive consistent recognition for. Once you give it a try, you’ll see why.

MOB Grill is co-owned and run with Seth Barker “the CAPO”, who has a passion both for these burgers and for people. You’ll often see him on the truck serving up burgers with a smile – say hello! Oh, and definitely don’t forget to say “HI” to his mom, Judy [we call her Momma B] who runs the register most days too (and keeps Seth in check)!

In addition to being out and about throughout the city, MOB Grill can be hired for tailgates, parties, weddings, charity events and so much more. Have a private event coming up? Your guests will love everything MOB. The menu has choices for all taste buds. You really can’t go wrong with any choice, but of course the original MOB Burger is a great place to start. If you’re feeling adventurous you have to try the Butcher, a MOB Burger topped with 12-hour pecan and mesquite smoked pulled pork. You’ll never question “Where’s the meat?” with this truck. Oh, and we should probably mention they’ve converted seven vegans so far – yep, their creations are THAT GOOD!

The MOB is back in town! Where will the MOB be? Good question, a sure bet is where ever you find the MOB, there will be great food and good times! Check out our website calendar to find location of the MOB Grill FOOD TRUCK
Come and visit us at our new location inside Parlor OKC at 11 NE 6th Street, Okc, OK 73104. Parlor is a collection of chefs and mixologists coming together to advance the concept of what a restaurant/bar could be within an eclectic atmosphere. Celebrating the Automobile Alley neighborhood, Parlor is a place for people to relax and socialize while enjoying artisan cocktails, craft beer, and phenomenal food from all walks of life. 

So why “MOB Grill” ? Several Reasons:
1) Acronym (Marco’s Onion Burger) Grill, it’s the REAL DEAL! No FUGAZZIs here!

2) The MOB of friends that have shared in this experience for over10 years and are an even bigger part of this now!

3) The MOBile concept of this being a Food Trailer (We like to say A Tailgate On Wheels)!

4) The MOB of people that will come and enjoy the MOB Menu.

5) Oh, and there might be a little play on words alluding to a Mafia type theme … but in order to be a part of the MOB, you must take an Omertá (vow of silence).

6) #howUdoin #MOBBEDup #BestBurgers #BestFries #BestCheeseFries #MobBossApproved #NoFugazzis

In any case #TheMOB will make you an offer you can’t refuse. So come “PAY TRIBUTE” to the MOB Boss & CAPO. And “Don’t Worry About it, everything will work out and we guarantee you won’t leave hungry …. CAPICHE?


Seth “The CAPO” Barker

Seth “The CAPO” Barker is Co-Owner, GM and great friend of The MOB Boss (Marco Morrow). He is the guy who makes the MOB Grill run day to day. His passion for the MOB Grill and our mission is unmatched. Don’t be surprised when you visit us if he does a little stand up comedy as well … that is his other passion besides serving the GREATEST BURGERS on the PLANET!

Click on his link below if you want to learn more about him and how the MOB Boss made him an offer her couldn’t refuse!

Some Of Our Mobsters

Trent Smith

Seth "The CAPO" Barker with MOBster, Paisano & OU Great, Trent Smith

Desmond Mason

One of the MOB Boss's favorite paisanos and #MOBSTERS .... The Desmond Mason ... we might even have a SECRET OFF MENU Burger named for him ... THE DMASE “Steady MOB’n Burger”... #Delicious

Scott Mitchell

One our favorite #MOBSTERS enjoying his favorite burger! The one & only Scott Mitchell!

Patty Heaton

Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle Critically-Acclaimed Actress Patricia Heaton and The MOB Boss hanging out on the movie set of Bob & Amy.  She is such an amazing person - had a blast!

Truong Le

Truong Le (Mastermind behind Chick N Beer) came to eat with The MOB Boss at our Parlor OKC location!  What a good time!


11 NE 6th St
Oklahoma City, OK, 73104, US

About us

MOB {Marco's Onion Burger} Grill is an award winning one of a Kind Food Truck & Restaurant with Serious Attitude for Great & Unique Burgers. The 2015-2021 So6ixOkieHonorAward Winner for #1 Food Truck & #1 Burger in OKC | The Daily Oklahoman's Reader's Choice 2017 WINNER BEST Fries & 2015-2021 Top 5 Food Truck Award in OK | Serving up the Best Burgers, Unique Sandwiches & Incredible Fresh Cut Twice Fried Fries!

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