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MOB Grill – About Us

2015/16 So6ix Magazine's OKIE Honor Awards for #1 Hamburger, #1 Food Truck & The Daily Oklahoman Reader's Choice 2017 WINNER of BEST FRIES & 2015/2016/2017 TOP 5 Food Truck Finalist

History of MOB Grill

The MOB Grill was “Commissioned to Satisfy” and created through the many years (since 2004) of Marco and his friends breaking bread {main course being Marco’s Secret Onion Burger Recipe} together in various venues (from tailgates, parties, camp-outs, charity events, etc). One common request throughout this time was that Marco open a restaurant and/or he was asked “Where is this restaurant?”.

Well after many conversations and cajoling, planning, back and forth …. the MOB is back in town!  Where will the MOB be?  Good question; a sure bet is where ever you find the MOB, there will be great food and good times!


So why “MOB Grill“?   Several Reasons:

  1. Acronym (Marco’s Onion Burger) Grill, it’s the REAL DEAL!  No FUGAZZIs here!
  2. The MOB of friends that have shared in this experience for over10 years and are an even bigger part of this now!
  3. The MOBile concept of this being a Food Trailer (We like to say A Tailgate On Wheels)!
  4. The MOB of people that will come and enjoy the MOB Menu.
  5. Oh, and there might be a little play on words alluding to a Mafia type theme … but in order to be a part of the MOB, you must take an Omertá (vow of silence).
  6. #howUdoin #MOBBEDup #BestBurgers #BestFries #BestCheeseFries #MobBossApproved

In any case I think we will make you an offer you can’t refuse. So stand by because it won’t be long until you get to come “PAY TRIBUTE” to the MOB Boss. If your anxious, “Don’t Worry About it”, CAPICHE?



Seth “The CAPO” Barker

Seth “The CAPO” Barker is Co-Owner, GM and great friend of The MOB Boss (Marco Morrow).  He is the guy who makes the MOB Grill run day to day.

His passion for the MOB Grill and our mission is unmatched.  Don’t be surprised when you visit us if he does a little stand up comedy as well … that is his other passion besides serving the GREATEST BURGERS on the PLANET!

Click on his link below if you want to learn more about him and how the MOB Boss made him an offer her couldn’t refuse!

Seth "THE CAPO" Barker's Interview in Trunk of Car

Seth "The CAPO" Barker with MOBster, Paisano & OU Great, Trent Smith
One our favorite #MOBSTERS enjoying his favorite burger! The one & only Scott Mitchell!